Research-based agriculture project initiated with Chinese help

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Agriculture Pakistan
Agriculture Pakistan

Chamber of Agriculture Karachi Sindh (CAKS) has initiated research based agriculture project in Sindh to boost agricultural products in the province.

President of CAKS Abduillah Rafi said that the research-based project has been prepared taking benefit of Chinese agriculture expertise and technology.

He said that the project has been designed to boost yield of fruits, vegetables, flowers and different crops with minimum utilising of resources and increased per acre yield.

He said under research project videos have been prepared to educate farmers how to grow different crops with minim utilisation of water, pesticide, save it from attack of various diseases, precaution measures taken at the time of cultivation and harvest, etc, to get better results.

He was presenting overall view of the Chambers activities, said that over 100 CD has been dispatched to agriculture experts, landlords and farmers to educate them.

The CDs have minute detailed from beginning cultivation and to the end of plucking up the crop.

He said that China has conducted intensive research in agriculture sector and developed most modern machines and equipment to increase agriculture produce.

Abduillah Rafi said he has visited China to gather first-hand information and see the development in agriculture sector.

He said that Chinese food items exports registering around 15 to 20 percent increase annually and expressed hoped that in next few years China may the largest exports of food items.

The challenge of growing twice as much food by 2050 to feed nine billion people-with less and less land-is everyone’s problem.

But scientists are hard at work fomenting a second green revolution. Source

Agriculture in Pakistan

Published: Zarai Media Team

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