Met Office advisory to farmers

September 14, 2011: The Met Office has advised the farmers of agricultural plains of southern Punjab, Sindh and adjoining areas of Balochistan to stop irrigating their cotton and other crops as more heavy rains are expected in these areas.
According to a fresh set of advisories of the Met Office on Tuesday, in the last ten days of August heavy rains poured in the agriculture plains of southern Punjab, Sindh and adjoining areas of Balochistan and more heavy rains are likely in these parts during the next 10 days.

The Met Office says that the farmers may delay irrigation practices in upper half part of the country, as there, too, monsoon’s fresh spell of rains is expected in the next 10 days. It has advised that the farmers should be aware of the adverse effects of stagnant water in the fields, especially in cotton and maize ones. Mechanism for drainage of stagnant water should be made on priority basis and necessary measures should also be taken.

The Met Office has forecast that ‘light’ to ‘moderate’ rain is expected in the agricultural plains of Sindh and adjoining plains of Balochistan during the next fives days of September, as the monsoon weather system is approaching towards south-eastern parts of the country.

Monsoon currents and westerly waves are continuously penetrating the upper half of the country and their strength may increase in the next five days, which is likely to cause light to moderate rain in the agricultural plains of Punjab, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan from September 11 to September 20, the forecast says.

The Met Office forecast that gusty winds may prevail occasionally in the monsoon belt and adjoining areas. It says that temperature level in most of the agricultural plains of the country may range between 30 degree centigrade and 40 degree centigrade during the next 10 days. Day time temperature may fall by 2-3 degree centigrade in the lower central and south Punjab and adjoining areas of lower Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and upper Sindh during September 16 to 20, it adds.


Courtesy: Business Recorder

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