Food export increases 29.07% during July-April 2011

ISLAMABAD (May 22, 2011):: The food export from the country during last ten months of current financial year, registered an increase of 29.07 percent as compared to exports of food commodities during same period of last year.

According to the data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistic, different food commodities $3.52 billion were exported during last ten months of the year 2010-11.

During the period under review, export of basmati rice increased by 6.29 percent as about 884,918 metric tonnes of basmati rice were exported, worth $759 million. The basmati rice export during the same period of last financial year 2009-10 was recorded at 853,072 metric tonnes, worth $71.4 million, the data revealed.

However, it said overall rice export posted a negative growth as rice export was decreased by 2.07 percent during the period from July 2010 to April 11.

However, export of fish and fish preparations was increased by 28.64 percent as about 104,715 metric tonnes of fish and fish production was exported with a total cost of $23.3 million as against 85,226 metric tonnes costing $18.1 million exported during same period of last year.

Meanwhile, the fruit and vegetable export also registered an increase of 14.66 percent and 103.65 percent respectively during the period under review.

During last ten months, fruits of different varieties worth $24.6 million were exported as compared to $21.4 million during the ten months of last corresponding year. During the period from July to April 2010-11, country earned $19.90 million by exporting the vegetables of different kinds, while the export of the commodity was recorded at $9.97 million during the same period of year 2009-10. app


Courtesy Daily Times

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