Facilitating rice exports: TDAP urged to play due role

LAHORE (January 30, 2011) : Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) Vice-Chairman, Taufiq Ahmad Khan has urged Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) to play its due role for increasing trade through organising fairs/exhibition world over and sending delegations to explore new markets.

He also called upon the government to formulate pro-business policies particularly for rice exporters, as they are the second largest trade body and earning a huge foreign exchange for the country. These views were expressed by him while talking to a 34-member newly inducted officers of Commerce and Trade Group which visited REAP head office, here on Saturday.

The visit was part of a field visit programme of Punjab for 19th specialised training programme. Shafiq Haider Virk, Assistant Director Pakistan Institute of Trade Development (TIDAP) and other officers of TDAP accompanied the delegation. Taufiq said that government should formulate policies conducive to business community particularly rice industry and exporters. At present, the commodity is being exported to 120 countries and has captured various non-traditional markets of the world because Basmati Rice is famous for its aroma and quality all over world.

He, on the occasion, gave a brief introduction of REAP as well as rice industry of Pakistan. He pointed out that in the history of Pakistan in 2009-10, REAP, with its limited resources exported 4.6 MT of rice to various destinations of the world. Vice-chairman REAP strongly called for friendly relationship between government and the private sector for promotion of trade.

“Currently, the rice sector and over all industrial sector is suffering severe shortage of electricity and gas and this is the main hurdle for its production activities. We are far behind from our actual target of export though the value increased this year”, he said. The officers of commerce and trade group appreciated vice-chairman’s views regarding the issues being faced by the rice exporting sector of the country.


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