9.7 million cotton bales target to be achieved with Bt varieties: minister

LAHORE (May 13 2010): Cotton production target of 9.7 million bales will be achieved by cultivating newly approved Bt and hybrid varieties. This was stated by Punjab Minister for Agriculture Ahmad Ali Aulakh in a meeting with farmers here on Wednesday. He underlined that Bt varieties of cotton have been approved by Punjab Seed Council for the first time since the process was initiated eight years earlier.

He said he hoped that cotton production of Punjab would significantly increase through cultivation of these Bt varieties, which have effective resistance against boll worm. The Minister said that strict measures are being taken against seed companies who are involved in selling fake and substandard cotton seed.

He told the farmers that officers of agriculture department have been directed to spread in the fields to guide the farmers for timely cultivation of cotton. Aulakh said that an area of 6.178 million acres has been fixed for cotton cultivation in Punjab this year and 1.92 million acres have been brought under cultivation so far. He expressed hope that farmers would manage their cotton crops in the light of modern production technology to boost their income.

Courtesy BR

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