Fruit and vegetable exports up

ISLAMABAD (January 28 2010): Fruit and vegetable exports from the country have increased by 68.69 percent and 117.54 percent, respectively during the first half of current financial year, 2009-10. According to the data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS), fruit export from the country during the last six-month July to December 2009 was increased by 68.69 percent.

During the period July to December as bout 292,578 metric tons fruit was exported and $116.11 million was included in the national exchequer. In the meantime about 179,399 metric tons fruit was exported during the same period last year and earned $68.83 million for the country.

Meanwhile, about 141,901 metric tons vegetable of different kinds were exported during the first six-month of current financial year 2009-10, as against the 62,967 metric tons of same period of 2008-09 showing an increase of 117.54 percent.

It may be recalled that fruit and vegetables of Pakistan are in great demand world over particularly in Gulf States, Saudi Arabia and European countries. These products are enriched with nutrient values and taste due to suitable climate and natural conditions of soil. However, the export of leguminous vegetables known as pulses has decreased by 99.65 percent during the period under review.
Courtesy: Associated Press of Pakistan

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